Joe McElhaw Lord and Lady of the lake

With over 100 swimmers departing by bus to the South end of the lake friends and family cheered as the weeGIANTS made their mark on the 150m, 225m and 750m GWR swim courses. 
The start of the historical Joe McElhaw Lord and Lady of the Lake swim was observered by the late Joe’s wife Judy who also presented the podium as she recalled her and Joe and many others swimming in these  same waters for over 50 years.


Fastest overall time 32.27 by Aimee Dawson Junior Wetsuit 

Skins Male Senior 1. Neil Bolger . Dominic Mudge 3. Keith GarrySkins
Female Senior 1. Julie Murphy 2,. Oonagh Garry 3. Maria Byrne

Wetsuit Male Senior 1. Andrew McClean 2. Darren O’Neill 3. Paul Donnelly
Wetsuit Female Senior 1. Anna Holderbaum 2. Aine Fitxpatrick 3. Tara Fitzpatrick

Skins Male Junior 1. Tom Magill . Finn Garry 3. Peter Grant
Skins Female Junior 1. Jessika Robson 2. Hoooy Robson 3. Leona McCartney = Ellen Boyle

Wetsuit Male Junior 1. Matthew One 2. Sean Carragher 3. Aodhan Barry
Wetsuit Female Junior 1. Aimee Dawson 2. Sophie Lindsay 3. Zoe O’Neill 

Swim numberFirst NameSkins/ WetsuitJuniorFinish time
1Aidan Connolly
2Katie MagillSkins41.26
3Darren O’NeillWetsuit38.26
4Paul DonnellyWetsuit59.02
5Roisin MorganWetsuit1.12.54
6Tom MorganWetsuit48.11
7Ciaran O’HareWetsuit53.55
8Jonathan WalkerWetsuit40.09
9David LundyWetsuit46.22
10Phelim LundyWetsuit46.51
11Julie MurphySkins38.18
12Sean CarragherWetsuitJunior36.11
13Paul Mc BrideWetsuit1.18.25
14Edel SavageSkins
15Martin MurphySkins101.42
16William McBrideWetsuit55.58
17Paul LyonsWetsuit50.57
18Aaron EnnisWetsuit1.18.09
19Maeve CieslikWetsuit50.24
20Neil BolgerSkins35.15
21Sandra CarwoodSkins42.45
22Owen percyWetsuit44.28
23Dominic MudgeSkins36.35
24Stuart CampbellSkins51.09
25David McCleanWetsuit47.25
26Lucie RehovaWetsuit44.27
27Claire mulhollandSkins52.33
28Paul ReidWetsuit1.11.12
29Hannah LindsayWetsuit52.58
30Sophie LindsayWetsuitJunior42.41
31Diarmuad MacauleyWetsuit44.39
32Caolan RowntreeWetsuit1.03.02
33Thomas YoungWetsuit45.44
34Tara fitzpatrickWetsuit42.51
36Paul CassidyWetsuit54.31
37Hannah McKeownSkinsJunior48.23
38Ann Garvey
39Anna Holderbaum Wetsuit36.4
40Niall ShieldsWetsuit44.42
41Nessa Smyth
42Abi Mc Namara
43Anne Marie ColemanSkin48.41
44Ursula mcconvilleWetsuit
45Connor MulhollandWetsuit52.04
46Ina Reid
47Teresa mulroe
48Bernadette Salisbury
49Joeseph SailsburySkinsJunior50.46
50Nicola Such
51Holly RobsonSkinsJunior39.45
52Jessika RobsonSkinsJunior36.09
53Andrea JudgeSkins44.43
54Paul LyonsWetsuit51.06
55Maria ByrneSkins40.03
56Paige McDonaldWetsuitJunior48.55
57Keith GarrySkins37.18
58Bill Donnelly
59Conor O’HareWetsuit44.14
60Matthew MoneWetsuit32.45
61Aodhan BarryWetsuitJunior37.34
62Oisin SmileyWetsuitJunior59.37
63Bridgeen MallonSkins1.00.59
64Peter MagownWetsuit45.43
65Sinead LowderWetsuit45.45
66Shane CruddenWetsuit51.47
67Isabella LearySkins46.19
68John O’NeillWetsuit41.21
69Oran McKeeverWetsuit41.21
70Gerry PattonWetsuit54.55
71Andrew McCleanWetsuit36.34
72Susan MaxwellSkins51.11
73Patricia CampbellSkins52.3
74Sinead McKeeverSkins53.27
75Anthony TrainorWetsuit41.22
76Oonagh GarrySkins39.58
77Oisin GarrySkinsJunior
78Finn GarrySkinsJunior41.51
79Eoghan Fitzpatrick HarkinWetsuit42.47
80Aobh Fitzpatrick Harkin Wetsuit46.51
81Donna Patterson Skins 45.57
82Barry Magill Skins 41.01
83Zoe Oniell Wetsuit Junior 48.37
84Aimee DawnsonWetsuitJunior 32.37
85Niall MartinWetsuit Junior 40.47
86Ollie MartinWetsuit48.57
87Tom Magill Skins Junior 41.25
88Ellen Boyle Skins Junior 44.18
89Josh Muckian Skins Junior 44.03
90Brian Muckian Skins 45.57
91Simon WestcottWetsuit1.03.39
92Aaron ClementsWetsuit53.46
93Cliodhna CurtisSkins Junior46.45
94Ava GarveySkins 47.59
95Paul FallonWetsuit48.35
96Mickey LynchSkins 46.59
97Ann CoughlanSkins 59.34
98Peter GrantSkins Junior 42.52
99Aileen Deery WetsuitJunior 56.01
100Olivia DeeryWetsuit54.41
101Aine FitzpatrickWetsuit41.31
102Fiona McGovernSkins1.02.18
103Aoife McAleenan McQuadeSkinsJunior54.42
104Barry LoughranWetsuit 41.22
105Carol McHughWetsuit 50.55
106Tony BagnallWetsuit 59.58
107Leona McCartneySkinsJunior44.18
108Patrick McAnerneryWetsuit 52.21
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