Rostrevor to Warrenpoint swim

It is with great joy that the historical Rostrevor to Warrenpoint swim was once again on the race calendar.A field of 80 waited patiently holding the rail with a 25C air temperature for the whistle to sound. Notably the majority of the field were in skins with over 25% 16 and under (Juniors)

Arriving in Warrenpoint the applause was heard along the shoreline as day trippers and visitors became engrossed in the warm welcome home of all swimmers.

Great fun had by all !

Proceeds to Southern Area Hospice

Congratulations to all and thank you to our water safety and on shore support crew.

See you next time !CLWF Team 
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Overall Winner Adam Geddis

Skins Male Senior
1 Dominic Mudge
2 Keith Garry
3 Adrian Poucher

Skins Female Senior
1. Dina Levacic
2. Maria Byrne
3. Oonagh Garry

Wetsuit Male Senior
1. Adam Geddis
2. Andy McClean
3. Barry Loughran

Wetsuit Female Senior
1. Hannah Gillespie
2. Ethna MCGorman
3. Carol McHugh

Skins Male Junior
1. Peter Grant
2. Tom Magill
3. Oisin Garry

Skins Female Junior
1. Jessika Robson
2. Holly Robson
3. Abi McNamarra

Wetsuit Male Junior
1. Jackson Coyle

1Abi Mc NamaraFemaleXX1:02:52
2Adam GeddisMale45:33:00
3Alan LynessMale 59:07:00
4Andrea JudgeFemale X1:01:45
5Andrew McCleaneMale 50:27:00
6Anna HolderbaumFemale X57:10:00
7Aoife McAleenon McQuadeFemale XX1:04:30
8Aoiffe LynchFemale X1:05:25
9Ava GarveyFemale X1:08:14
10Bernadette SalisburyFemale1:34:33
12Brendan DalyMale1:18:49
14Bridgeen Mallon Female X1:29:53
15Cahan McClelland Male 59:54:00
16Cliodhna Moran Female X1:23:48
18Sophie Lindsay Female XX1:03:40
19Colin Lindsay Male X59:42:00
20Damian Kearney Male 1:16:39
21Daniel GilesMale1:27:35
22David RodgersMale X1:10:31
24Dina LevačićFemaleX0:50:47
25Dominic Mudge Male X0:50:43
26Eithne McGorman Female 1:02:35
27Ellen Boyle Female XX1:03:32
28Gerard Kenny Male 1:31:31
29Grzegorz Pilarczyk Male X1:21:44
30Hannah Gillespie Female 1:00:13
31Hannah McKeown Female XX1:09:56
32Holly Robson Female XX0:55:33
33Jessika Robson Female XX0:49:56
34Joseph Sailsbury Male X1:08:50
37Kevin McAlinden Male 1:07:56
39Mickey Mallon Male X1:43:18
40Lucie Rehova Female X1:05:22
41Nicola Such Female X1:05:59
42Noel Grimes Male X1:09:49
43Oisin Garry Male XX1:07:55
44Oonagh Garry Female X0:57:03
45Paul Cullan Male 1:01:15
46Peter Grant Male XX1:02:36
47Rich Hyder Male X0:59:38
48Helen Hyder Female X1:13:32
50Thomas Walsh Male X1:43:53
51Catherine KinkaidFemale X1:38:46
52Mark Kinkaid Male 1:05:21
53Ruth Morris Female1:05:26
54Maria Byrne Female X0:56:52
55Alan Lewis Male 1:04:47
56Emese Bado Female1:39:58
57Leona Farrell Female 1:19:57
58Carol McHugh Female X1:15:37
59Barry Loughran Male X0:57:11
60Micky Lynch Male X1:07:40
62Aine Carville Female2:10:40
63Paul Lyons Male X1:11:56
64John McElroy Male X1:03:53
66Jenn Fitzgerald FemaleX1:03:05
67Tommy Hughes Male 1:03:03
68Isabella Rogers Female XX1:03:54
69Leona McCartney Female XX1:03:21
70Emily Hyder Female XX1:02:54
71Brian Mullen Male X1:22:58
72Brian Muckain Male X1:06:03
73Joshua Muckain Male XX1:06:18
74Stephanie Carolan Female X1:25:56
76Adrian Poucher Male X0:56:59
77Keith Garry Male X0:50:28
78Tom Magill Male XX1:02:37
79Jackson Coyle Male X1:04:55
80John O’Nell Male 0:58:23
81Sean Sherry Male 1:04:49
82Fiona McGovern Female 1:16:13
83Paul Fallon Male 1:11:28
84TomasS English Male 1:16:15
85Gerry English Male 1:19:35
86Patrick English Male 1:04:46
90Bill Donnelly Male X1:01:44
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