WOW Swim 2022

With another international field the CLWF and in fifty Crew were pleased to welcome peasant sea state for the 2022 WOW swim resurrecting an old favourite for some. There was sunshine and smiles as everyone gathered on the slipway – an area where in days of yore the boat left and returned on its trip to Omeath for ice cream, cockles and mussels and to throw a few stones in the water.  Calm waters gave fast finish times for some whilst others chose to breaststroke and sing along the way creating a very special atmosphere indeed.

Thank to all for the support and to the water safety and registration teams.

NameSkins or WetsuitJuniorTime
1Simon WestcottW47.32
2Aoife McAleenan McQuadeSX44.55
3William Mc BrideW53.32
4Kenny KingS47.41
5Oliver PhelanS47.52
6Isolde GogginS48.34
7Kevin ColeS1:14:13
8Claire CunninghamS46.12
9Iain ProudfootW59.13
10Adam GeddisW29.48
11Maeve CieslikW48.55
12Rodney MoatesW46.15
13Kelly MallonW1:09:29
14Scott LeaneyW42.52
15Bernadette SailsburyW1:06:15
16Joseph SailsburySX45.24
17Barry MagillS45.44
18Charlie MagillSXDNF
19Keith GarryS34.05
20Oisin GarrySX51.26
21Denis O’NeillS44.11
22Edel AstinS57.43
23Matthew MoanWX31.58
24Niall McManusWX44.37
25Conor O HareWX44.17
26Stuart CampbellSX46.44
27Claire CunninghamS49.46
28Niall King59.5
29Colin LindsayS39.54
30Sophie LindsayWX40.45
31Mark AllenW1:00:40
32Susan FarrellW1:07:55
33Hannah McKeownS46.39
34Fraser BuchananWX35.32
35Katrina BuchananW50.01
36Holly RobsonS39.01
37Jessika RobsonSXDNS
39Paul ReidW1.18.45
40Emma HallisseyW1:09:07
41Paul Mc BrideW1:02:40
42Sharon Rossides1:19:59
43Aaron EnnisW1:15:30
44Teresa MulroeS49.01
45Jennifer HarperDNS
46Patrick MontgomeryDNS
48Ronan CampbellW46.29
49Paul WaltonDNS
50Ferdia BurnsDNS
51David ConradieS44.55
52Cahan McClellandW39.18
53Paul LyonsS47.31
54Maria ByrneS38.25
55Juile CravenS1:00:14
56Daniel Giles45.44
57Katie MagillS39;39
58Marie-Therese Davis-Hanson1:06:26
59Stephen Hanson
60Oran MckeeverSDNF
61John MoranS57.38
62Brigitta BaddW1:19:33
63Lynn BaniffS1:19:33
64Sarah BrownS1:05:59
65Jeremy StoneW44.09
66Nicole PihaS1:07:03
67Vector PineiroS39.13
68Aneela SloanS1:07:09
69Aneela SloanS1:07:55
70Finn LannySX42.34
71Jenny SloanS1:07:55
72Hannah LynnasW51.01
73Aliosn O’HaganS49.33
74John MckennaS54.51
75Lauance LaveryS59.55
76Cannice NugentS51.01
77Sinead Mc KeeverS47.35
78Colm Mc KeeverS46.21
79Zoe O NeillWX46.21
80Leona McCartneySX45.17
81Josh MuckianSX41.14
82Kevin MagillS45.16
83Patrick Mc AnerneyWX50.37
84Oisin SmyileW51.12
85Chris ConnollyW1:07:55
86Ciaron McDonaldW47.18
87Eddie CopperS1:18:25
88Carole Anne RyanS59.51
89Adrian PoucherS38.24
90John McElroyS40.41
91Aine CarvilleW1:19:18
92Isabella LennySX45.34
93Tom MagillSX39.59
94Paul ByrneW1:01:56
95Jonny GreggW45.44
96Briannan GreggWX45.44
97Jackson CoyleSXDNF
98Bernadette SailsburyW59.51
99Clodagh GriffithsS54.01
100Katie GriffithsSX46.41
101Paul FallonW46.4
102Paul ThorpeS39.32
103Peter GrantSX39.56
104Brian DonaghyW59.1
105Niall MartinWX38.58
106Leonna FarrellS55.56
107Seamus LarkinW51.58
108Caroline DalyS57.05
109Ailsa ClarkeS57.05
110Bill DonnellyS39.59
111Bernie McQuadeW1:20:05
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