Swim Meet Up


Swim Meet Up

Join us ?

Hello everyone,
With Camlough lake closed this year we would like to have some official sea training dates set up to keep the team spirit alive.

This is for all abilities. Get in and swim ! No fuss just fun.

These are the training swim dates:

Swimming training. From sat25th/30th. sat 3:30pm (4.6m). Sun 3:30pm(4.6m). Mon 6:00pm(4.5m) tue 6:30pm (4.4m). Wed 7:00pm (4.5m). Thur7:30pm(4.6m). It be round the drums rostorver , TOM is on his way . Bike to be sorted for sat + sun morning
2nd July 8.30am Sandy bottom Warrenpoint

10th July 4.30pm Gyles quay

14th July 7.20pm (NTC aquathlon but 750m swim course plus some more for you) Omeath

16th July 8.30am ( cancelled dew to moville light house on)

Venue Rostrevor: milo will be here for these 1500m swim course meet at entrance of Kilbroney forest park
18th July 11am
19th July 11.30am
20th July 12noon
21st July 12.30pm

All this in addition to the already action packed CLWF 2016 calendar.

2016 Events

Whatever way you get there and whatever time you arrive the swim leaves at the time stated. TOES IN THE WATER AND GO.

There is no pressure to attend. If you can be there you can. No need to apologise.

bring your own feed
Wetsuit or skins your choice
There won’t be safety cover – we are our own minders.
Warm juice and clothing for after.
Usual rules

All starts are weather dependant.

Let’s do this ’cause we all need the training also. Everyone welcome 🙂

I will post an update on the venue change if needed to the Camlough lake Facebook page.

Forward this to all your friends 🙂