Swim Safe

CLWF promote safe swimming and have now teamed up with Chillswim a provider Tow Bags / Buoys designed for better visibility of swimmers in the water.

The primary purpose is to INCREASE Visibility of swimmers in the water, provide reassurance and the dry bag models also allow you to store some valuable items (Keys, towel).

We now stock Chillswim dry / tow bags which can be purchased at all our events or when registering on-line for any of our events.

We currently have the medium dry bag in stock but talk to a committee member for more information or a trial. No doubt you will see a few around the lake this summer.


Remember: the safest way to swim is in groups and know your limits!!

If you don’t feel comfortable with the situation, environment or perhaps just that day, then don’t get in.

Open water swimming has inherent risks.  Unlike walking, jogging or bike riding we can’t just sit and take a rest.  This is why just about every open water swimmer and group in the world encourages swimmers to swim in groups or with safety craft nearby.

Swimming alone is silly, stupid and dangerous – please don’t do it.

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