Swimming info

  • “Swimming in Camlough is strictly prohibited, by Order of NMDDC, unless as part of an event with prior written authority from the Camlough Lake Management Committee “.
  • “Guidance for authorised open water swim events”
  • NMDDC accepts no liability for any injury, loss or damage sustained by any person who swims in contravention of the foregoing prohibition
  • These guidance’s is limited only to authorised events.
  • All swimmers agree to swim entirely at their own risk and in the unlikely event of an injury, accident, loss or damage suffered, regardless of however it may be caused no responsibility whatsoever shall be attached to the organizers, sponsors, or any person involved in the organization of the open water swimming at Camlough Lake.
  • These guidance’s has been established with safety as the most important concern but we are also dedicated to helping you have a really enjoyable experience with your open water swimming.
  • All swimmers should be healthy and have no known medical conditions.
  • All swimmers should know and swim within their own ability.
  • It is recommended that you refrain from swimming in the Lake when the water temperature is below 11 deg C
  • Wear a wet suit. This will not only keep you warm but will also act as a buoyancy aid.
  • Swimmers should wear a brightly coloured hat to ensure they are seen.
  • Anyone 16 years and younger should be accompanied by an experienced guardian.
  • First timers should not swim alone, until competent to swim in open water.
  • Always swim with a buddy if possible, if not swim with a Buoy.
  • In case of an emergency. Raise your arm for attention. If you can not get to shore, roll onto your back and if possible raise your arm and wait for help.
  • Swimming buoys are for everyone’s use, please return to the store when finished
  • “A stolen buoy is a stolen life”
  • No diving.
  • Watercraft must move slowly and look out for swimmers at all times and especially moving through the swim course.
  • Swimmers should not hold onto watercraft unless in an emergency.
  • Be safe and enjoy open water swimming.

Swimming Courses for camlough Lake.

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Other info:

Code of Conduct mended for all users

  • Take particular care to avoid Swimmers, Kayaks, anglers and anglers’ lines.
  • The speed limit of 5mph in a restricted zone
  • Boat users, when passing through the restricted zone it is advised to do on the left/east side of the restricted zone.
  • No kayak/boat users, whether Club or otherwise should be on the lake without a buoyancy aid/life jacket.
  • All events at Camlough Lake should be approved by Camlough Lake Management Committee.
  • All events/competitions on the lake should be accompanied by kayaks/boats/lifeguards who are members of the registered clubs recognised by the Camlough Lake Management Committee.
  • Swimmers are advised to stay within the restricted zone, if they do swim outside the restricted zone they should be accompanied by support (kayak, boat or bullet).  This is to ensure that other users like power boats can see you.
  • Swimmers should wear a brightly coloured swim cap to ensure they are seen in the water.
  • No one should tamper or play with the safety buoys on the lakeside if they are missing please report this to the council.
  • Events run in Camlough Lake should be charitable or non-profitable events or activities.
  • No one user group should use Camlough Lake at the expense of another user group.
  • All users should remove portable equipment at the end of a season i.e. buoys.
  • Any event or activity at or around Camlough Lake should leave the lake as they found it.

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