The Great Ulster Swim

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The Great Ulster Swim

26 July 2014 17:00

Come and join us at Camlough Lake for an unforgettable experience in the water.  The Team at Camlough Lake have put together ‘The Great ulster Swim’

 We hope to encourage our next generation into open water swimming and to a lifetime of adventure in the water.

This is a great introduction to outdoor swimming and it is suitable to all abilities.  The Great Ulster Swim is a 1 mile course

Take a leisurely swim and enjoy the stunning scenery or kick into top gear for a winning place.  You can swim in a Wetsuit or in traditional swimming togs

Why not make a weekend of it and avail some great local Great Ulster Swim hotel deals.

Entrants must be 16 years old.  Younger swimmers 14-16 can participate if they swim the entire distance with a parent or guardian.

Entry price age 16 and under £5  Entry price age 17 and above £10

This event is organised by the CLWF team who are a NON profit organisation. Funds from The Great Ulster Swim will go towards the purchase of safety equipment and facilities for sport at and around Camlough Lake and Carlingford Lough.


1st 2nd 3rd

Fastest overall Men        Fastest overall women

Boys 14-15                          Girls 14-15

Boys 16-17                          Girls 16-17

Men 18-24                          Women 18-24

Men 25-29                          Women 25-29

Men 30-34                          Women 30-34

Men 35-39                          Women 35-39

Men 40-44                          Women 40-44

Men 45-49                          Women 45-49

Men 50-54                          Women 50-54

Men 55-59                          Women 55-59

Men 65-69                          Women 65-69

Men 70-74                          Women 70-74

Men 75-79                          Women 75-79

Men 80-Plus                      Women 80-Plus


1st 2nd 3rd overall swimmers

1st £300

2nd £200

3rd £100

Register online here


Don’t miss out on this amazing inaugral event – which will be an annual event for years to come.


See you in the water.