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The 9th CLWF 2019

In 2018 we were delighted to settle back to a season of open-water following the repair work at Camlough Lake. and the CLWF season ended the cooler waters welcomed the ice- swimming and winter swimming communities.

As life gets busier the question arose, ‘have we time to give to CLWF ?’ the question once asked was greeted with shock by the committee. How could you ask that ? of course we have to have CLWF …. and that’s when you know there’s magic in the water. The CLWF committee commenced their planning for 2019; co-ordinating with Newry Triathlon Club, infinity Channel Swimming, Feile Camlocha and other event calendars to create an exciting season to prepare for. With water safety as paramount; crew training was completed, harbour master permission sought and the lights were green for go. The belief in CLWF and its motto if it’s not fun we’re not playing produced a wonderful season, a colourful array of events with over 1000 people from all over the world participating in the events offered.

We always welcome the sunshine however the winds always turn up and the chop gives each on and in the water a challenge that makes swimming all the more fun. Rock around the Point, a postponed celebration for the 2009 Guinness World Record swim, Lord & Lady onshore winds all examples of how mother nature and the water display their strength and valour but give us the opportunity to excel at what we love doing.

A pleasant 16 degrees water welcomed all at Camlough Lake during the CLWF festival, a GIANT of a Mile with the Marty Buoy back in the water, Camping on Toners fields the smoke from the BBQ and campfires billowed into the clear night sky and the full moon shining, Maria’s star always present guiding the coloured speckles around the GWR 750 course of the GLOW Night Swim. The open water waterpolo championships with North Dublin claiming their win again. The weeGIANT where 250m 500m and 750m didn’t faze the little ones. The REGEN TRY-A-TRI showcasing the future, from age 4 the excitement was building for weeks before, training on the course for some; waiting until the big day for others. With all to give and these future stars set off on a 250m swim out and up the jetty into transition, bike helmet on and out onto the road for a 3k bike, T2 and then a 2K run with the downhill to accelerate a fast run to the finish line. It was electrifying. A proud moment for parents, friends, brothers and sisters to see a TRY-A-TRI medal in its rightful owners hand; well earned.

The local community as always support us- Trainors, Doyles, The Parlour, Hughes, Camocha, Fiships, La Dolce Vita, The Yellow Heifer all welcoming of the visitors and crew. Local press, Payal our website coordinator, thank you, our event partners Newry Triathlon Club, REGEN and infinity Channel Swimming, NMDDC, grounded, MacAdorey Opticians – Thank you. The CLWF committee from water safety to logistics, registration to timing, dress up and dress down, no words are big enough it was an amazing show THANK YOU – always helping, offering supporting and most importantly on, in and around the water with a warm welcome for you. 2019 we thank particularly Ian Conroy, Antoinette McCourt and Brigid Fabb.

So as the season closes we know we will see you soon: Camlough Lake Water Festival is 10 years old in 2020 so of course we are planning!
See you in the water ☺

The Battle of Carlingford Lough 2019

Rock Around the Point 2019

Rostrevor to Warrenpoint 2019

a GIANT of a swim

Lord & Lady of the Lake 2019

wee GIANT 750m

Regen Try-A-Tri 2019

Maria Murphy 5K Ulster Championships 2019

Michael O’Hare 10K Ulster Championships

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