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Rock around the Point

9th June 2019

Great turnout with over 130 competitors taking on the 2019 Rock Around The Point Swim organised by the Camlough Lake Water Festival committee.

The wind never fails to make an appearance at this event as swimmers faced onshore winds for the outward-bound journey to the rock.  After the turn on the triangular course guided by pilots Pádraig, Nicky, Gary and Barry and kayakers Sharon, Tina, Vernetta and the Newry and Mourne Sea Kayakers swimmers had the opportunity to gain some speed across the backstretch with a further push as the waves took them home to the finish. 

Great swimming from juniors especially Aoife Taylor and Abi McNamara on their first sea swims.

Big thanks to the onshore team,  registration and timing with Jennifer, Louise and Catherine, medal presenters Antoinette, Karen, David, set up team Barry, Gary, Milo, John, the water safety team including Judith Olive and Carmen and the lovely warm juice from Bridgeen and the team. 

Water Temperature 13c
Air Temperature 14c

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 A Global swim series swim


Yellow is junior 16 or under on race day
Categories: Skins / Wetsuits  Male /  Female  Junior /  Senior

88Jordan LeckeyMaleWetsuit00:19:14
50FinbarrO’Neill Male Wetsuit 00:24:55
82JamesMuckian Male Wetsuit 00:25:18
81JoshuaMuckian Male Wetsuit 00:25:37
110PaulMurphy Male Skins 00:25:40
15NualaDevlin Female Wetsuit 00:25:43
29AndreaJudge Female Skins 00:25:45
9KateCunningham Female Skins 00:25:50
72MiloMccourt Male Wetsuit 00:25:50
112AoiffeLynch Female Skins 00:25:50
51RoryO’Sullivan Male Wetsuit 00:26:30
62EllaCampbell Female Wetsuit 00:26:35
108PeterLoughran Male Wetsuit 00:26:55
98DamienReynolds Male Wetsuit 00:27:00
3KatyBest Female Wetsuit 00:27:03
71AdrianReavey Male Wetsuit 00:27:07
26FrancieHaughey Male Skins 00:27:13
38CiaranMagee Male Skins 00:27:23
22JoanneGillam Female Skins 00:27:26
76CallumO’Neill Male Wetsuit 00:27:37
5LizBrown Female Skins 00:27:40
75JohnO’Neill Male Wetsuit 00:27:42
30GarethKelly Male Wetsuit 00:27:53
46DenisO’Neill Male Skins 00:28:08
35DavidLundy Male Wetsuit 00:28:20
31GerardKenny Male Wetsuit 00:28:22
70EvaYoung Female Wetsuit 00:28:22
77RonanCampbell Male Wetsuit 00:28:30
32DavyKerr Male Wetsuit 00:28:31
69SteveYoung Male Wetsuit 00:28:33
17MaryFarrell Female Skins 00:28:40
93DamienMcAlinden Male Wetsuit 00:28:44
85JPMcAree Male Wetsuit 00:28:47
40RuthMcDougall Female Skins 00:29:15
113MichaelLynch Male Skins 00:29:15
103ShaneMcCourt Male Wetsuit 00:29:37
109DeirdreLoughran Female Wetsuit 00:29:40
91PaulFallon Male Wetsuit 00:29:48
83CarmelMcKinley Female Wetsuit 00:29:52
57DavidStewart Male Wetsuit 00:29:55
99EmerMcGeown Female Wetsuit 00:29:55
44PatrickMontgomery Male Skins 00:29:56
36PhelimLunday Male Wetsuit 00:30:00
42DavidMcGreevy Male Wetsuit 00:30:04
79AaronMcCourt Male Wetsuit 00:30:05
49AlisonO’Hagan Female Skins 00:30:35
8ChristopherConnolly Male Wetsuit 00:30:38
25Jennifer Hamilton Female Wetsuit 00:30:45
16Catherine Downes Female Wetsuit 00:31:25
23PhilGillen Male Wetsuit 00:31:28
89GerardBarry Male Wetsuit 00:31:36
27DavidHendron Male Wetsuit 00:31:42
111TomasEnglish Male Wetsuit 00:31:50
48OonaghO’Flaherty Female Wetsuit 00:32:08
73MickyMallon Male Wetsuit 00:32:10
92AoifeTaylor Female Wetsuit 00:33:01
47FionaO’Neill Female Wetsuit 00:33:25
101SeamusLarkin Male Wetsuit 00:33:30
13MarkDenner Male Wetsuit 00:33:57
10GemmaCunningham Female Wetsuit 00:34:23
14CathyDevlin Female Wetsuit 00:34:40
37StephanieLyness Female Skins 00:35:05
66CiaranO’Coborine Male Skins 00:35:30
33LaurenceLavery Male Wetsuit 00:35:47
104GrantToner Male Wetsuit 00:36:16
105BarryLong Male Wetsuit 00:37:30
28JayneJacksonFemale Wetsuit 00:38:10
84TommyStevenson Male Wetsuit 00:40:37
55ConnRussell Male Wetsuit 00:27:00
106KatrinaToaleFemale Wetsuit 00:43:10
107EdelJohnston Female Wetsuit 00:43:10
4PaulBirmingham Male Wetsuit 00:44:45
68BernieMcQuade Female Wetsuit 00:49:40
52StephanieParkes Female Wetsuit DNF
87SeanMcCabe Male Wetsuit DNF
102JamesHurley Male Wetsuit DNF
11DavidCunningham Male Wetsuit DNS
18JaneFeeney Female Skins DNS
39JulieMcCabe Female Wetsuit DNS
41CarolineMcFarland Female Skins DNS
45MartinMurphy Male Skins DNS
53DavidRobinson Male Wetsuit DNS
56GaryShort Male Wetsuit DNS
58DominicTrainor Male Wetsuit DNS
74ColinFeenan Male Wetsuit Check Time
43JohnMcKenna Male Skins Check Time


Fastest Overall
Male: Jordan Leckey
Female: Lauren Archer

Male Senior Skins

  1. Francie McAlinden
  2. Keith Garry
  3. Colin Lindsay

Female Junior Skins

  1. Katie Magill
  2. No Entries
  3. No Entries

Male Senior Wetsuit

  1. Jordan Leckey Fastest Male overall
  2. Brian Muckian
  3. Phillip Castles

Male Junior Wetsuit

  1. James Muckian
  2. Joshua Muckian
  3. Callum O’Neill

Female Senior Skins

  1. Kate Cunningham
  2. Aoiffe Lynch
  3. Joanne Gillam

Female Junior Skins

  1. Katie Magill
  2. No Entries
  3. No Entries

Female Senior Wetsuit

  1. Nuala Glynn
  2. Tiegan Dickson
  3. Oonagh Garry

Female Junior Wetsuit

  1. Lauren Archer Fastest Female Overall
  2. Becky Pinkerton
  3. Abbi McNamara

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