Rostrevor to Warrenpoint 3.7k swim

Rostrevor to Warrenpoint 3.8k swim

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It is a great opportunity for swimmers of all abilities to take part in an organised sea swim in the fantastic setting of Carlingford Lough with both the Mourne and Cooley Mountains in the background. The Registration is at the iconic Outdoor Swimming Baths in Warrenpoint. The swim will start at Rostrevor green ant the shoreline. Please find below some additional information on the event to make everything as smooth as possible on the day.

Cost:A 2017 H20PLAY NI Swim series swim

Distance 3.8k / 3800m

Please note registration is in Warrenpoint at the old baths – this is the finish line and closes at 2.15pm

You must make your way to the start line in Rostrevor in good time for the race briefing at 2.30pm and swim start at 2.45pm                      Google map CLICK HERE

Warrenpoint is situated approx. 10 min drive outside Newry. If approaching from Dublin or Belfast take the turn off for Mourne Scenic Route and follow the signs for the A2, Warrenpoint and Kilkeel.


You will go onto a dual carriageway and that will take you straight to Warrenpoint. When in the town of Warrenpoint keep going straight at the round-a-bout. When the road meets a T junction and the sea is straight in front, you are there. The Swimming Baths are hard to miss and are now run by East Coast Adventure and opposite the Whistledown Hotel (Searchable on google maps).


Directions to Rostrevor Race Start Point:                              Google Map Click here

Make sure you leave your dry clothes is Warrenpoint. Rostrevor is a 5-10 min drive from Warrenpoint. It is required to car pool to get to the start point. Don’t worry if you arrive on your own there will be plenty of other swimmers to coordinate with or we can assist if you have any issues.

Simply follow the coast road to Rostrevor, as you enter Rostrevor turn right at the mini round-a-bout following signs for Kilkeel. Just ahead on the right you will see a grassy area leading to the sea. This grassy area is the meeting point.


The Race Starter will have a bin bag to take back to Warrenpoint any sandals or tops.



Warrenpoint – Parking is on the road side. There should be plenty of parking available along the promenade either side of the Baths. Do not Park on the beach or block access to the beach slip way.

Rostrevor – Park on Road side or one street back from the shore. This is a main road please park sensibly.



You have pre-registered through the Active website. You will need to collect your race number on the day. If someone else has completed your registration you will need to sign the applicable forms.


Event Briefing:

Event briefing and information will take place 15 minutes before the start time (start time is 14:45 IN ROSTREVOR). And start promptly after. Allow time to get there after registration. If you miss this you will not be allowed to enter the event. The course will be explained for the swim as well as sighting and safety info.


Juniors – under the age of 18 must have the disclaimer signed by a parent or guardian and be both confident and competent to swim the course.

There is an age limit of 16 years old.


The swim:

Water safety is paramount at Camlough Lake. There will be lifeguards, safety boats and kayaks in the water to offer you a pleasant start to your race.


At the finish make sure you touch the baths wall in Warrenpoint.


Swimmers should be capable of swimming the distance in sea conditions. Train for the worst and hope for the best!!


We will allow Non-competitive swimmers to use chill swim floats or similar devices during the race. This is only allowed for people not wishing to be competitive.



Spectators are more than welcome. There is a beach on Warrenpoint where spectators can safely gather. The Baths are under management of East Coast Adventure and access to the baths is solely at their discretion. Our events are all run by volunteers. If you have spectators attending willing to do some small jobs we always appreciate a helping hand.



Prize giving will be after the event at Warrenpoint Baths.


Times for all competitors will be posted on our website and Facebook PageTBC



We look forward to seeing on at the event and wish you all the best with your event.  The CLWF team will be available to answer any questions you may have.


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