H20 Play Swim Series NI

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H20 Play Swim Series NI

8 SWIMS CAN YOU GO THE DISTANCE JUNIOR AND SENIOR RACES with exciting new locations throughout Northern Ireland

Now includes a Junior category 

H20Play swim series NI 2016

We will have 8 swims in the series including

Thank you to all the swim organisers who applied but where unsuccessfull this year.

Rock Around the Point Warrenpoint 5th June 2016 1.5K

Rostrevor to Warrenpoint 10th July 2016 3.7K

Moville Lighthouse Swim  16th July 2016 1.2K

Swim Belfast 31st July 2016 1.5K

A Giant of a Swim  7th August 2016 1.6K

Island Dhu Swim     TBC August 2016 2K

Eddie Skelly Memorial Swim  TBC August 2016 1.5K

Swim Groomsport 17th September 2016 1.5K




with exciting new locations throughout Northern Ireland



Points system


1st 10points

2nd 9points

3rd 8points

4th 7points

5th 6points

6th 5points

7th 4points

8th 3points

9th 2points

10th and lower get 1point


Non Wetsuits / SKINS SCORING

1st 12points

2nd 11points

3rd 10points

4th 9points

5th 8points

6th 7points

7th 6points

8th 5points

9th 4points

10th 3 points

11th and lower get 2 points

To promote Open water swimming in Skins and wetsuits regardless of club, affiliation or swim ability.

To build support regionally, nationally and globally for open water  swimming.

To increase competitiveness with the premise of improving everyone’s ability as an open water swimmer.

To help tourism in local communities where  open water swimming events are held.

To support existing event organisers with insurance, risk assessment, water safety cover and logistics where needed

To create a strong open water swimming community of swimmers, swim organisers and supporters to grow the sport of Open water swimming.


To encompass the youth and offer them opportunity to develop in open water swimming, they are the future of our sport.


H20PLAY series assigns points to each swimmer within each race and recognises all swimmers achievements.  The King and Queen of the series will be the top male and top female point scores and with the point allocation system can be won in the skins or wetsuit category.  Wetsuit swimmers may decide to swim in skins to gain more points and have the chance to beat a particular competitor or increase their finishing position. Hence, promoting skins swimming and promoting health competition between wetsuits and skins swimmers

The top 10 of each gender will receive a medal and all competitors will receive a certificate of completion in the series.  There is a special recognition for all swimmers who complete all swims in the series.



We incorporate a junior section within the series.  Junior refers to 17 and younger and requires a parental waiver signed for each swim.

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